The winner is…

Stanford! End of the dilemma. I have been lucky enough to be admitted to both Harvard and Stanford MBA programs, and the choice has often felt impossible in the last few months. Thanks to Harvard for the truly humbling interest, but after spending a few days in both schools at admit weekends, I clearly realized where my future path lies. And here is a little story from my past to explain it.

An afternoon in late 1999 I found out about a new software called Napster. I was a teenager madly in love with music, and my discovery journey skipped light years ahead: from a few CDs a year purchased 20 miles away with pocket money, to thousands of songs at my fingertips for free. That day I experienced for the first time how technology can transform your life. And without that encounter I would not have got where I am today… making my small contribution to a music industry still recovering from the disruption that Napster initiated!

I remember that the first song I downloaded, at the amazing speed of 14.4kbps, was the latest b-side of Radiohead, my all-time favourite band then and now. The title of the song was, ironically, “Palo Alto”, the place where Napster was founded.

Palo Alto is where I decided to spend the next 2 years of my life. My personal goal is to enable more technological revolutions which will change the way media/entertainment content is enjoyed, impacting people’s lives in the same way my life was affected. How I will get there is still to be defined, but the first step is in the right direction. However difficult, I found my space “in a city of the future”, as the song began. And I am very excited to share bits and pieces of my new adventure with you on this blog. I will start with the application process, and what led me to Stanford, then we will go with the flow.

(PS: The second b-side of the “No Surprises” single was “How I Made My Millions”, but we’ll leave that for the further future… maybe!)

3 thoughts on “The winner is…

  1. Absolutely love this. I can see why you deserve to be at Stanford. Your goal absolutely resonates with me and I hope you continue to update this blog during your time at Stanford! I’d love to follow along and see where life takes you 🙂


  2. Thanks so much for your kind comment. I will definitely keep updating my blog during my time Stanford, although I know that finding time will be challenging! I checked out your blog, and I send you my best wishes for your MBA application. I am sure that your hard work will pay off! Good luck


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