To-do and to-read

I consider myself a hyperactive person. Beyond work duties, I always keep in mind a long list of things I want to undertake. As soon as I cross out a few, I add twice as many, and this never-ending process keeps me motivated. The 26th of June will be my last day at Universal Music after six years (I will dedicate a few posts to the music industry in due course), and this will allow ten weeks of holiday before moving to Stanford. It will be the longest time I spent “funemployed” since the summer of 2005. Needless to say that I am deeply looking forward to it, and that I have already set several goals I want to accomplish before September. If I get 70-80% done, it will be a great outcome!

At the top of the list are necessarily (100% completion is required!): 1) spending time with my girlfriend and with my family, who will not see me much after I move across the pond; 2) organizing, without too much stress, a monster move-out of London, with some belongings going to California, some going back home to Italy, and some to be sold; 3) keeping this blog active!

Beyond that, in no particular order, I plan to:

  • finish recording and release on iTunes/Spotify/etc. my 4th album. Only 3 songs out of 11 are left to record, so I am confident I will make it before I deconstruct my home studio and bring only 10% of the equipment to California;
  • do at least one, preferably two, memorable travel experiences. A future GSB classmate is organizing a super trip to Tanzania, with the aim of climbing Kilimanjaro. This is my preferred option, but unfortunately a tedious issue at my foot stopped my preparation after a few weeks. I hope I’ll make it, otherwise I’ll have to find an alternative option.
  • learn the basics of PHP and JavaScript, which I have chosen as my entry point to the world of programming, and develop a small test application. My learning on CodeAcademy is continuing with great enthusiasm!
  • migrate my music collection to Google Play All Access. All my CD/vinyls are going back to the old house in Sardinia, where my passion for music started almost 20 years ago. So I will take this occasion of detachment to go 100% streaming! Unfortunately, this task is extremely time consuming. The overall collection is huge (~250 artists will full discographies), and I admit to be OCD about correct metadata. I started at the end of last year, and I am halfway there…
  • read 4-5 books from the below list, which includes some key publications, mostly about business and personal development, that I’d really like to read in the near future. I recently finished the excellent “What Would Google Do?” and I am halfway through “The Four Steps to the Epiphany“, and really enjoying it. It is an absolute must for anyone with start-up aspirations, and I actually wish I had read it earlier. Once I finish, “The Lean Startup” will segue perfectly.

On the last point, if you are reading this blog, it would be fantastic to hear your opinions/recommendations, and potentially add more to the to-read list. As I said, the longer it is, the better I feel!


1 thought on “To-do and to-read

  1. The list says you are more than a hyperactive person. I am not a big reader of books myself but I enjoy reading business/tech/startup related articles on

    Keep us updated on Ruby learning. I might pick that up too..


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