My first GSB trip: Tanzania!

My GSB experience unofficially started with an amazing nine-day trip to Tanzania, in the great company of 14 future classmates, and a few more guests and significant others. The clockwork organization was taken care of by the magnificent Benjamin from Dar es Salaam, who will be a star and a great friend on campus, and his lovely sister Bernice. The adventure was given the name Maisha Mazuri, “life is beautiful” in Swahili, and no name could have been more appropriate.

Maisha Mazuri

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The light at the end of the admin tunnel

The start of Week Zero at the GSB is exactly 4 months away, and my days are getting busier and busier with several admin tasks which require completion before August. In particular: getting my US Visa, securing my accommodation at Stanford and relocating all my belongings currently in London. On top of this, I started handing over all my tasks at Universal Music (which requires a lot of talking about what you already know!), since I only have 6 weeks left. I can’t say I am having great fun with any of these tasks, but I am excited about the end result. Plus, the organization of some exciting trips for the summer is offsetting the effort!

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The winner is…

Stanford! End of the dilemma. I have been lucky enough to be admitted to both Harvard and Stanford MBA programs, and the choice has often felt impossible in the last few months. Thanks to Harvard for the truly humbling interest, but after spending a few days in both schools at admit weekends, I clearly realized where my future path lies. And here is a little story from my past to explain it.

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