Poets & Quants’ “Best and Brightest, Class of 2017”

This month I got selected by Stanford GSB to be included in “Best & Brightest, Class of 2017” by Poets & Quants. Besides feeling honored for being part of the list, it was a good occasion to reflect on my MBA experience, as it approaches its end. If you are interested, here is my interview.

In the next few months I will add some more reflections on this blog about these fantastic 21 months at the GSB!

End of the first quarter!

I cannot believe that the first quarter is already over! It has been quick and intense… so intense, that I have not managed to keep updating the blog on a monthly basis. (I will fix this over the next few weeks, when I will get some well deserved rest!). Thankfully, these first four months have also been rewarding intellectually and emotionally. After lots of work and some challenges, I feel very optimistic about the rest of the MBA, including the internship search which will start in January.

Here is a picture which summarizes all that my classmates and I had to go through academically, and a post with some reflections on all the courses I just finished.

First Quarter

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Weeks 0-1-2

I am completing today my third week at the GSB, and time is already a very constrained resource. So I will post here a comprehensive update for the month of September, and I will aim for one update a quarter from now on. Short summary: my experience has been amazing so far — inspiring, challenging and rewarding. And this is only based on the academic and social part of the MBA, since extracurricular activities and recruiting will only start in a month.

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Arrival Week

My adventure at Stanford began on Saturday, Sep 5th, after an exhausting flight from London to San Francisco via Dublin. The past week has been one of the most electrifying and intense of my life. I still feel overwhelmed by the huge amount of required admin and settling-in tasks on the one side, and energized by the first social events, the official welcome to the MBA and the first academic challenges. I keep often wondering whether I am imagining everything, while biking across the stunningly beautiful campus… and well, no, it is all real!


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My first GSB trip: Tanzania!

My GSB experience unofficially started with an amazing nine-day trip to Tanzania, in the great company of 14 future classmates, and a few more guests and significant others. The clockwork organization was taken care of by the magnificent Benjamin from Dar es Salaam, who will be a star and a great friend on campus, and his lovely sister Bernice. The adventure was given the name Maisha Mazuri, “life is beautiful” in Swahili, and no name could have been more appropriate.

Maisha Mazuri

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