Year 1 in retrospective: recruiting

I am back, after almost 6 months of silence! The first year of the MBA is over. The overwhelming feelings right now are joy, relief and excitement for what comes next! I had noticed in most previous blogs of GSB students that the flow of posts diminished when the Fall quarter started, and then plummeted after the Winter quarter. I had promised myself not to do the same, but I did not deliver. My life has just been crazily intense! So many courses, club activities, social life, recruiting for the summer… wow! The good thing is: not only did I survive, but I am proud of what I have achieved so far. It’s hard to summarize so much in a single post, so I’ll try to give some highlights over several posts over the coming months.

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Leaving Music?

I have not posted in more than a month! It has been a super busy period, wrapping things up at Universal Music, completing most of the admin tasks in preparation for Stanford, recharging the batteries with my girlfriend on a few wonderful trips… and even turning 30!

As I write, I am official (f)unemployed, and it is a weird sensation after so many years of hard work! Friday 26th June was my last day in the music industry, at least for the foreseeable future. I concluded on a high note six amazing years of professional and personal development. Working in the biggest record company in the world, and making an impact during my time there, was indeed a teenage dream come true for a music lover and amateur musician like me. Continue reading

To-do and to-read

I consider myself a hyperactive person. Beyond work duties, I always keep in mind a long list of things I want to undertake. As soon as I cross out a few, I add twice as many, and this never-ending process keeps me motivated. The 26th of June will be my last day at Universal Music after six years (I will dedicate a few posts to the music industry in due course), and this will allow ten weeks of holiday before moving to Stanford. It will be the longest time I spent “funemployed” since the summer of 2005. Needless to say that I am deeply looking forward to it, and that I have already set several goals I want to accomplish before September. If I get 70-80% done, it will be a great outcome!

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Reading, writing, number… and coding skills

In the not-too-distant future, coding will be part of the mandatory curriculum in schools around the world. It is just inevitable, since technology will deeply affect the lives of humans and organizations, and “communicating” with a computer will become as important as speaking to a person. Actually, this future is already in alpha version: this year the UK is the guinea pig for introducing programming languages since the first grade. Obviously, not every kid will become a programmer, in the same way that few people ultimately become mathematicians! However, it’s undeniably important to master basic arithmetic in our day-to-day activities. And so will be coding. I did not study Computer Science in college, and I was born in a different era (the “best” CS instruction I received at school was how to use Microsoft Word!), but this is the spirit of one of the goals I have set for the next few years.

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Application #3: Profile Building

A critical phase of my MBA application, concurrent to researching your target schools, is “researching myself” and building my profile. What are my unique traits? Where do I want to be in five years? And in twenty years? How would my personality, experiences, passions add value to the class? This introspection exercise might come naturally to some people, including myself, whilst for others it might appear to be daunting at first. Either way, and regardless of the outcome of the application, it was a useful moment of self-reflection.  [Side note: how you should interpret this series of posts on the application process.]

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