Application #7: Interview

Once I clicked “Submit” on the online form, I thought I should give a high-five to my reflection in the mirror. The amount of work which went into the application, on top of everything else in my life, was remarkable. I then relaxed and kept my mind busy during the waiting game which could have led into an interview invitation. When that moment arrived, I have myself an even stronger virtual high-five. Statistically, the worst part was ove! After that deserved moment of euphoria, it was time to concentrate on the interview and prepare for it.  [Side note: how you should interpret this series of posts on the application process.]

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Application #0: Introduction

This is the first of a series of posts which aim to share my approach to the MBA application process. Please note this is not admission advice, but simply a summary of the approach I have taken. (Full explanation in this post). If you are not planning to apply to an MBA program, or are not curious about the long-winded road that led me to Stanford, you can stop reading here! Continue reading