End of the first quarter!

I cannot believe that the first quarter is already over! It has been quick and intense… so intense, that I have not managed to keep updating the blog on a monthly basis. (I will fix this over the next few weeks, when I will get some well deserved rest!). Thankfully, these first four months have also been rewarding intellectually and emotionally. After lots of work and some challenges, I feel very optimistic about the rest of the MBA, including the internship search which will start in January.

Here is a picture which summarizes all that my classmates and I had to go through academically, and a post with some reflections on all the courses I just finished.

First Quarter

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My favorite leadership story of all times

A year and a half ago I accidentally stumbled upon a documentary on YouTube, which has inspired me like few other things in my life. It is the story of Nando Parrado and the survivors of the Andes plane crash in 1972. It is an incredible tale of courage, determination and leadership, in the most extreme conditions that a man could ever witness.

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