Application #1b: TOEFL

The requisites for English Language testing are my only complaint about the MBA application process. The rules simply do not make sense to me. For most schools, an applicant is exempt from taking the TOEFL (or IELTS, or PTE) if and only if he/she has an undergraduate/graduate degree from a university that provided instruction entirely in English. Technically, someone with a British passport who is working in the UK but pursued her undergraduate studies in a non-English-speaking country, for whatever reason, must still take the TOEFL. Bizarre!   [Side note: how you should interpret this series of posts on the application process.]

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Application #0: Introduction

This is the first of a series of posts which aim to share my approach to the MBA application process. Please note this is not admission advice, but simply a summary of the approach I have taken. (Full explanation in this post). If you are not planning to apply to an MBA program, or are not curious about the long-winded road that led me to Stanford, you can stop reading here! Continue reading